At Awakened Connection, you will be learning from a hand-selected group of amazing speakers who are leaders and success stories in their field.

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Mark Minard is the President and CEO of Dreamshine, which proudly serves adults with special needs. He is the bestselling author of The Story of You: Transforming Adversity Into Adventure, Taking Your Dreams To The Next Level and Beyond and the Leadership & Success Truth Bomb book series. He is also a motivational speaker and the host of the Elevating Beyond podcast, with a million downloads and counting. Mark is a husband and father of five who says he’s just an ordinary dude with an extraordinary faith who believes that all things are possible.


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Billy Wease is a pharmacist with more than 25 years of clinical experience and is the author of the upcoming book, The 21st Century Pharmacist. Billy is the founder and CEO of OptiYou RX, a company based on an incredibly successful, life-changing wellness program designed to help participants transition to an optimally healthy lifestyle. His mission is to minimize the side effects prevalent in prescription and over-the-counter drugs by encouraging people to achieve ideal health through nutritious food, natural supplements, and exercise.


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Paul Beaudry was a child prodigy on piano and drums. However, it was his later discovery of the bass guitar that set him on a trajectory to become an internationally sought after jazz composer and bassist. He is the CEO of Dancing Spirit Records in New York and the brains behind the Intentional Collaboration Institute, a 5-step process designed to maximize team synergy among leaders and members. A lecturer and educator, Paul has developed programs for youth to achieve common goals in STEM and music projects by exercising teamwork skills.




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Bill Cortright is a speaker, life coach, podcast host, and author of multiple books on stress and its mind-body-heart effect. At Awakening Connection Orlando, he shares his personal success story of overcoming debilitating stress and teaches The Seven Steps to Stress Mastery. Based on his three decades of research, Bill helps you understand that stress is just a survival response and takes you from the science to the spirituality of stress management. You’ll learn that mastering your stress is key to living right: finding optimal health, getting more done in less time, setting and achieving goals, and discovering a sense of peace.

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Cindy B. Brown is the go-to person for financial success, whether you’re the CEO of a business or CFO of your family. She is an agent of financial change, serial mentor to entrepreneurs, and consultant to multi-million dollar businesses. She uses her considerable skills honed as a C-level executive at Blockbuster, Dr. Pepper, and Cadbury Schweppes to create strategic plans for accelerating growth in the mid-market segment and to guide rising entrepreneurs. Cindy wants to help you make prosperity a state of grace, abundance, and well-being.


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Monte Taylor is a serial entrepreneur, author, and business consultant. As the former CEO of two network-marketing companies and a devoted advocate of the business model, he has built highly successful teams and distribution networks. Monte received his MBA from the Crummer School of Business at Rollins College, and holds Master’s level certificates in Executive Coaching and Business Coaching. His mission is to encourage, empower, and inspire entrepreneurs and help them deliver their unique value to the world.


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